Memorial Memorial In Loving Memory Of ... You are in our thoughts and prayers always. Till we meet again dear friends!! 39440658 Brian Arthur Barker Brian Barker was truly an awesome friend in so many ways. He had a great sense of humor and his laugh still rings in my ears. We partied many summer vacation weekends away in his parents camper. Old English 800 anyone? ......bmm 39440650 Marvin L Beamon 39440651 Mark Joseph Bercia Mark was a great friend, an extremely keen intellect he kep hidden behind a bright and friendly personality. He died in a car accident, I believe around 1977. The world will never know what it missed .... Gary Heiner 39440652 Marci Rene Bethurum 39440653 Brian J Bradley 39440667 Timothy Walter Brady 39440654 Kathy E Castledine Kathy was a good friend, she was carefree and fun loving. We only dated a few times but she never hesitated to ask, "Can't this car go any faster?" She helped me get through Mr. McKay's Black History class. One of the few B's I ever got came from her second copy of the homework waiting for me everyday. Miss you Kathy ... bmm I used to walk to school with her everyday and talk about everything .... Trisha "Paty" Sease 39440655 Robert Wayne Clark 39440656 Denise 'Dee Dee' Day 39440668 Jack Dryburgh Jack was one of the happiest & funniest people I've ever met, a Rialto version of Jim Carey. He died tragically along with his 2 sisters and parents as his father's small plane stalled shortly after take off. The '74 Eisenhower yearbook is dedicated to his and his family's memory ... Gary Heiner 39440657 Raymond Allen Gade 39440659 Patrick Gomez I remember Pat. Always hard working and dedicated. Pat enjoyed playing basketball and his sense of humor was only surpassed by his intellect. I believe Pat died at the age of 24 in a car accident in San Bernardino. He is very much missed. I will never forget him as a friend and as a wonderful and kind person. I used to hang around with Pat, John Newlee, Tom Battaile, and others. Pat excelled in the difficult subjects, such as chemistry, physics, and calculus. Pat helped me out plenty of times. I sat near or behind Pat in chemistry, and I don't think I would have passed if his shoulders had been any wider. Pat was a great person and proud of his family. Thinking of you often old friend ... Victor Almager 39440660 Terry Wayne Jones I remember Terry Jones. He was one of the nicest people that you would ever want to meet. He is remembered as a very nice and caring person .... Marilou Hornbeck-Johns 39440661 Chris Joseph Kashak 39440662 Gregory Linn Knowles In high school, if you saw one of us, you saw the other. Years had passed when Greg and I saw each other again. I spoke at his memorial in 1995. You are at peace my friend, no more pain. I miss you, your wit, your smile, and your zest for life will stay in my heart forever ... Love, Pam Allen 39440663 Michael A McBride Mike was a very friendly person. He save my hide when I crunched my mom's car. He fixed the dent and painted it like new before she ever knew what hit it ... bmm Mike and I grew up on the same block, three houses from each other. He was one of my best friends and the way that he died still haunts me to this day, I was in the Air Force when he died and did not get to attend his funeral, something that I will always regret. Mike... you are the best and I miss you today as much as I did the day I found out that you had passed. Rest in peace my friend! ... Kevin Hagus 39440664 Rene Sue McNair 39440665 Norman Evans Potter Norman Potter was a good friend of mine. We ran cross-country together for two seasons and three summers. Losing Norm before we finished high school was a very sad time ... such a tragic loss. His resting place happens to be right near my dad's, so I say hello whenever I am there ... Bill Groeneveld "Class of 1976" 39440666 Gary Rios Gary Rios - the first guy I ever kissed. Actually, he gave me kissing lessons. He was a great instructor. Besides that, he was really a nice guy. It was tragic what happened to him ... Trisha "Paty" Sease 39440669 Mark Raymond Ruggles 39440670 Gloria Ann Sierra 39440671 Maxine Thompson 39440672 Dianna Gail Williams 39440649 Danette Dierdorff 44947163 Toby Hoff 197251355